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Video Streaming

Customized solutions for your video streaming

Make your content available online with our video streaming for your company TV channel. Have live-video and VOD customized solutions. We receive satellite TV signal and encode it directly on our CPD. We provide a complete solution for your project.

IP-cam streaming

Cross Host works along with Wowza platform to broadcast surveillance IP-cams, construction progress, etc.

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RECORD - Video broadcast archive

Record audio and video from IP-cams or broadcasts and save to see later. With Wowza Streaming Engine you can easily access your files and play on-demand.

Live broadcast for any device

Wowza broadcast your event live and make it available for the public in any device and any network. With an internal resource called transcoding we can convert live broadcasts in a variable bit rate, which adapts resolution and bit rate on-the-go to match bandwidth and device requirements for each viewer, for the best viewing experience ever.

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Cross Host currently have 1600+ customers all over Latin America.

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