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Your content from your social networks

Live broadcasts onto social networks can pitch your marketing efforts.

Broadcast your content live from Facebook and YouTube in a professional way

Broadcasting live thru Facebook Live and YouTube are actually the two best and most important ways to lure your target audience and keep them engaged.

With a “live” from your social networks you have an enormous variety of options which can be placed to your customer in order to have a creative and relevant content.

Raise reach of your business and obtain new fans

Live broadcasts onto social networks can pitch your marketing efforts.

We have broadcast quality who is going to make all the difference

Profissional equipments and 24/7 team to help

Broadcast with any number of cameras you want

Do not let your live stuck with just one cell phone image.

With our structure you have multiple-cam broadcasts, CG application and visual identity for your brand and sponsors.


Professional audio in your LIVE

One of the biggest mistakes on a live is audio being captured right from the environment withall noises and external rattles.

This will generate bad comments to your brand, therefore having high quality mics is mandatory to a better result.


Broadcast platform

Is the “cherry on the cake” to make your live sound professional.

We connect your Facebook and YouTube account directly from our platform and you are ready to go.


Our goal is broadcast in a simple and no-hassle way raising your reach and #sharing your ideas.


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